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Friday, February 18, 2011

A Changing World

Change is always upon us in the modern world - change in technology, change in climate, change in politics, and more. Several nations around the world have recently experienced political upheaval of their leaders (Egypt, Tunisia, and more seemingly on the way) and the results of these revolutions are yet to be seen. Haiti, not too long ago, also experienced a change in power with few positive outcomes.

Haiti has been plagued by political turmoil for centuries, as elections have been marked by voter intimidation, disorganization, and fraud - and the recent political election was no exception. Before voting ended, the majority of the presidential candidates requested that the election be cancelled, as they believed the election was corrupt. Some candidates were deemed ineligible to run by the current government powers, which only further angered the voting public, as they felt that they were not given the opportunity to be well-represented. Suspicion and bitterness linger in the streets of Port-au-Prince as the March 20th runoff between Michel Martelly and Mirlande H. Manigat (Martelly, a popular Haitian singer, is very popular among the people, while Manigat is Préval's hand-picked successor) comes up.

Now, as Egypt and Tunisia have overthrown their respective regimes (and several other countries are engaging in protests and riots), they enter a very important time - one that will change the course of each nation's history. With the possibilites of violence and corruption looming large, it is our hope that the people of these nations will successfully (and peacefully) come together to create fair, just governments for all of their deserving people. And hopefully, Haiti will learn from its own mistakes and move forward towards a brighter future too.