I'm Nittai Malchin, a senior at Palo Alto High School in CA and the founder of One Love Advocates. Our mission is to do whatever possible to improve access to education in communities that are struggling with destructive or endemic problems. My immediate focus is helping kids in Haiti gain access to educational opportunities. I recently traveled to Haiti, and I will be documenting my trip on this site. There are 4 sections (see navigation above) to my mini site: (1) my blog where i document my activities, impressions and thoughts from Haiti (2) About One Love where you can read more about the initiative (3) Support One Love where you can learn how to get involved, donate or help (4) contact info. And on the right sidebar you will find more info such as links to other sites, feeds, photos, videos, and ways to contact me or share One Love with others. Also, check out the cool toolbar on the bottom of your screen to see our videos, photos, and Facebook page, for translations, and more. Thank you for visiting and feel free to share your thoughts.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hey everybody,

Hope the year has been going well for everyone! Here's a short video of the most recent Tech-Aviv meeting (a meetup that my dad Omer Malchin - http://omermalchin.com - is a member of), in which I presented One Love Advocates and the work that we do. TechAviv is the largest global organization of Israeli hi-tech startup founders and investors, with over 2,000 members worldwide, by invitation only. It holds monthly meetings in Israel, New York, the Silicon Valley (where I presented, at Stanford), and Boston, where new companies present a product, and then receive feedback from the many experienced and knowledgable members.

I learned a lot about how I can use social networking technology more effectively and efficiently, I got some tips on how I should expand by making use of the local community, and I even made some new connections. I hope you enjoy the video, and I'd love to hear any feedback. Stay tuned for more.

One Love.

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