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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In Transit to Haiti

Yesterday, our last day at home, we spent the whole day packing. Since we will be traveling to Port-au-Prince and to Mon Bouton (or "upstairs") during this trip, packing was a bit more complicated than last time. We can only bring what we can carry on our backs up to Mon Bouton, so it would be in the best interest of our backs to pack lightly. In addition to each of our individual backpacks, we will be bringing one large bag up the mountain containing soccer balls, board games, cards, a boombox, and other things that we collected to donate to the people of Mon Bouton. In addition to this, there are five suitcases full of other soccer balls and soccer jerseys that we will be giving the the schools and children in Port-au-Prince.

Unfortunately, there is a 50 lbs. weight limit for each suitcase, so we were forced to take out some of the things from the Mon Bouton bag, which was too heavy, and spread them out throughout the different Por-au-Prince suitcases. Now, once we reach Port-au-Prince, we will need to quickly take all of the Mon Bouton stuff out of the Port-au-Prince bags and put it back into the Mon Bouton bag, all in the incredibly hectic environment of the airport. This process surely added some unexpected confusion to the packing process, but added some fun excitement to it as well. More to come once we reach Haiti!
- Nittai

In three hours we're waking up to catch our flight to Haiti, where we have a 3 or 4 hour-long car ride followed by a 3 to 4 hour hike up to Mon Bouton. I hope my excitement will not keep me up!
- Omri

The Last Supper. A baguette of fresh Italian bread stuffed with crisp onions, bright green bell pepppers, and succulent tomatoes. Cucumbers, olives, lettuce, multiple cheeses, and flavorful sauce completed the delectable sandwhich. A bag of chips, a cold water, and the four of us sitting at a table for what would be our last 'real' meal. This Subway meal would be our last taste of reality, hours before we board a flight and head into a third world country of extreme conditions. Our last meal not consisting of rice mush or beans, and I hate beans. Yet while we sat there, each of us savoring the different tastes of our dinners, we wondered - about our flight, our upcoming hike, and the adventure we are about to begin.

As many deterrents as there are - especially the idea of eating beans - it grew even more real and exciting for me to consider where I would be tomorrow night at this time. Sitting in a village in Mon Bouton, eating some combination of corn and grain, and learning a lot about Haiti and the people I'll be living with.

I just hope there are no beans. ;) There will be though


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